The Village of Tokakeriby TR story competition

The winning entry was;

Back to Life by Tim Radley

Part of Tim's prize
was this specially commissioned piece of artwork
by Agnes Heyer

Core (designers of the Tomb Raider games) were the sponsors of the competition, and they have generously awarded Tim 100 of Lara-related mechandise (Eidos T-shirt, Eidos Pen, Lara watch, Lara notepad, Lara picture cards, 4 Tomb Raider/Witchblade comics, Tomb Raider II Gold, Tomb Raider III Gold, Strategy Guide). Many thanks to Susie Hamilton and Core, and good luck to Derby next season.

The ranking of the other top ten entries was as follows;

The Third Truth by Flake Cosmo

The First Obfuscation by John Carter

The Last Revelation by Edwin Astacio

Omega Sun by Sibella

The Goddess Endures by Moone Stone/Tomb Raider:The Sadhana by Heidi

Revelations by Rhys D

CMD by Sordman

The Truth By Helen Maddocks

The other competition entries, not ranked in any particular order, were;

Epilogue To Revelations by Chloe Johnson-Vinion

Tomb Raider: The Search For Lara Croft by Paul Abbaszadeh

The Book of Gold by Henry E. Hartley

Tomb Raider: Sagas by Chris Rowe

The competition is now closed to new entries

Note to authors;
If the original formatting of your story has altered (paragraph breaks, bold type, etc), I apologise. It was an inevitable consequent of converting the stories so that they can be read online.
I haven't listed any personal information about the authors such as, for example, their relative ages. However, the youngest entrant was 11.

The judges for the competition were DOX from "Tales ...", Sarah Crisman, Dr. Amazing and Ostercy.

A reminder of the rules;

The challenge was to write a story that carries on from the ending of the game Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. The story should have been about 10,000 words in length.

NOTICE: These stories are works of fiction. Lara Croft, her likeness, and the Tomb Raider games are all and of Core Design and EIDOS Interactive. There is no challenge to these copyrights intended by the stories, as these unofficial works are entries in The Village of Tokakeriby TR story competiton and are made free to whomever wishes to read them. These are works of fiction and any resemble to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

If you have an opinion about any of the stories
then feel free to come and tell us about it
at the Village of Tokakeriby Fan Fiction Discussion Forum ...

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