The Third Village of Tokakeriby
Tomb Raider Story competition

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The challenge was to write a story inspired by TR1 and/or TR: Anniversary.

The story had to be 10,000 words in length.

The judges were


- one of the new generation of TR writers posting at

Heidi Ahlmen

- TR fanfiction writer of note and webmistress of the Croft Codex

Sarah Crisman

- arguably one of the inventors of TR fan fiction and staff writer at Game Bunker


The deadline for entries was 4th August 2007.


The winner was "Nothing Alike" by Acid Rush

followed by

"Haunted by the Past" by Harmoniad

"Anniversary" by Dr. Amazing

"Origins" by Fallen Angel

There was not universal agreement among the judges - each of the stories had a champion, and the entries were separated by 2.25 marks (out of a total of 40.)
(This must be the most attention that Pierre has ever received as a character.)

This competition was a bit in the wars. Not only did the "Katiegate" episode erupt during it, but also it was hard to get some of the established sites to advertise it. Nonetheless two entries would have been enough to make a contest :)

Details of the Fourth Village of Tokakeriby competition can be found be clicking the banner link below.

If you have any comments about the entries, the competition or the result, please leave them at the Croft Codex guestbook.

From the original annoucement at the Eidos TR Anniversary Forum (2 June 2007);

"The challenge is to write a story of about 10,000 words inspired by TR1 and/or TR: Annversary. It's best that writers stick to the official canon regarding Lara, although as you have at least 2 official bios and the world of TR films and comics to range across, provided you don't make her a smoking, drinking, drug-taking, psychopathic whore of dubious sexual orientation, you shouldn't upset the powers-that-be. In the true spirit of American censorship, sex and swear words of a sexual nature are probably out, but violent mass murder of foreigners whilst trashing their sacred and religious sites is probably OK.

Good luck campers ... and we especially welcome stories not only from newbies but also from the more famous and established TR writers. (It's like the FA Cup.) There is no age limit, but no allowance will be made for either extreme youth or extreme old age when stories are being judged."


NOTICE: Lara Croft, her likeness, and the Tomb Raider games are all copyright EIDOS Interactive.
There is no challenge to these copyrights intended by this competition, as it is a non-sanctioned, unofficial event.