Lara Croft and The Ring of Wisdom


Gualter Santos

It was a dark night and the Wimbledon College was emerged in a dark silence. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of the security guard footsteps. While walking through the library, the guard noticed a flickering light coming from underneath the door. We went to the library but the room was pitch dark. “It was probably my imagination” he thought as we left the room.

From behind one of the bookshelves a shadow emerged. The shadow grabbed a candlestick and lightened it with a lighter. The light from the candle revealed a young girl holding the candlestick.

- No guard can get Lara Croft! - she said while she sat in one of the chairs - Ok, where was I? Oh, right here. “… The opening was locked, centered by the monastery…”, centered by the monastery? What does that means? Wait a minute! I got it! My God, it was so easy!

- What was so easy Miss Croft? – Lara’s body trembled as she turned around to face Mrs. Cunningham.

- Nothing!

- What are you doing here at this time of the night?

- I was… Studying for… Math… Geography test!

- And you were so enthusiastic about the test that you couldn’t sleep? Come on Lara, what are you really doing here? Searching for Atlantis? Avalon? Some odd and non-existent place?

- No… I was researching Wimbledon history…

- I’m very pleased to see that you’re interested in our school’s history, but couldn’t you do that in your free time?

- But, Mrs. Cunningham, this is my free time…

- You know Lara - Mrs. Cunningham tone changed to more familiar - you look just like you mother… She was always hiding from the guards in the library… She was such a brat… When your father called, telling me that you were coming to the school I knew what I was going to face…

- I’m sorry Mrs. Cunningham…

- What do you think your father would think if he knew you’re not behaving properly?

- I bet he wouldn’t care… He never does…

- Don’t say that, your father cares a lot about you, he just have a lot of work at this time.

- I bet that’s a lot more important than me… Good night Mrs. Cunningham.

- Lara… Good night.

Lara went to her room, not planning to sleep a bit. She had a lot to do before she could rest.

One day she heard her father talking about a hidden treasure under Wimbledon, but no one ever found the entrance to the secret chamber. Feeling abandoned, Lara decided to use the time she had to be in the school to look for the hidden treasure. So she started studying about the place. The school used to be a monastery created by an order of priests, keepers of the ring of wisdom, an artifact made from a stone found near Stonehenge. It was said that the ring was filled with all sort of knowledge about every subject.

Lara had it all planned, the week after was the school fieldtrip to London and she would pretend she was sick and stay in the school. Then, when everyone left, she would go search for the entrance. The big day arrived and everything went according to plan, except for one thing. The school nurse was going to take care of her while everyone else was in London.

- Dear, take this pill, it will make you sleep the whole afternoon. My God, I forgot to bring your lunch, wait a minute while I’ll go to the kitchen to get you a nice chicken soup! - Said the nurse.

- Ok… - Lara quickly hid the pill and as the nurse left the room reduced it to dust and mixed it with her drink - Sorry Miss Picket, but you’re the one who’s going to be sleeping… - She went back to her bed just in time, as Miss Picket was arriving with the chicken soup.

- Here it is a nice, hot bowl of chicken soup. Is the best thing for sick people!

- Thank you Miss Picket.

- Oh my, I’m getting so thirsty…

Lara’s plan worked, in a few minutes Miss Picket was sleeping and she dressed up and got the bag she had arranged the night before. She ran through the school to the fountain it the main hall.

- “Centered by the monastery” it has to be this! This is the exact center of the school. Now all I have to find is a way to open it. - She surrounded the fountain looking for some sort of switch that could trigger the opening - Think Lara, think… What did you read about locked chambers? Think, think… Artifacts! To open locked chambers we need to use artifacts… Now what sort of artifact would open a fountain? Probably something that can complete the main picture. Lara looked at the fountain. She never noticed how weird it was. It was a regular round fountain with a statue of a lady in the middle. The lady was holding a spear and the water came from her eyes, as if she was crying.

- Queen of this place, and yet, you cry all day… Maybe you miss your crown… Your crown! That’s it! - Lara ran to the library to get the “crown of the school”, a crown made of stone found buried in the yard - Is this what you want? – Lara climbed the statue and “crowned the queen”. As Lara came down, the queen stopped crying and the surrounding stones started moving, revealing a staircase.

Lara went down the staircase and got to a big hall with a giant pool.

- I was not thinking about getting my hair wet… But if I really have to… - She dipped in the pool and swam through an underwater cave to a huge chamber. She got out of the pool and looked around. Six waterfalls surrounded a small pillar. She looked up and saw a small opening in the ceiling. On the top of the pillar was stone ring, it was huge when compared to her hands.

- So you are the ring of wisdom, I can’t see how special you are… Looks like the monks were overreacting. You’re just a… - While Lara was about to finish the sentence, the ring slipped from her hand and fell into the light that came from the opening in the ceiling and started glowing - Now we’re getting somewhere… - She grabbed the ring and put it in her finger while under the light – My God! My brain! It hurts! – She took the ring and crashed it with her boot. The water level started rising and Lara found herself floating to the opening in the ceiling. When she grabbed the ledge she understood it was the school well. She got out and the water level went down again. She ran to the main hall again taking the queen’s crown and putting it back in the library and went back to her room. When Mrs. Picket woke up, Lara pretended that she slept the whole afternoon. And never told anyone else about her discover.


NOTICE: This story is a work of fiction. Lara Croft, her likeness, and the Tomb Raider games are all copyright of EIDOS Interactive. There is no challenge to these copyrights intended by this story, as it is a non-sanctioned, unofficial work of the author's own.