The Antagonist


Rachel Perkins

NOTE: The story was inspired by the opening of the Angel of Darkness although there is similarities it does not completely follow the original.

She couldn’t of done it….could she? She wasn’t there for long, twenty minutes maximum…not enough time to murder him. Whenever I passed Werner in the apartment hallway, he always spoke of how good Lara was and reminisced about her as a child and how he was amazed by her intelligence. I have never met her myself, even though I wanted to, she was always too busy, searching for new journeys with old artefacts, Werner often told me she never stayed in one place for long. But I saw her once…I saw her murder him.

It took place two nights ago, but it feels like it was only an hour since I hear the bloodcurdling scream. I remember exactly what happened; I have always been a nosey neighbour, I can’t help it. That night I arrived late to my flat, tired and barely able to walk, I threw myself in my favourite chair near the window. It had been a stressful day, I decided to do overtime in order to finish my work, the last thing I wanted or expected was to be scarred by the memory of my friend’s murder.

Werner had forgotten to close his windows and curtains in his living room that night. He sat by the fire, staring at the door. Like he did every night, waiting for Lara. Only that night did she arrived. I sat up, knowing how to lip read I grabbed my binoculars which were beside me resting on the window sill and focused on the room opposite me.

Von Croy had his back to me the entire time, but I could see the reflection of his face in a mirror by the door. Lara entered the room, and sat down on a chair nearby looking out of the window. She didn’t say anything at first, and she didn’t seem to pay attention to Von Croy until he began to speak. The room was dark, but the yellow glow of the fire revealed their faces. “Help me Lara, I need you to find something for me…A painting, it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a key to an ancient species which is now gone, I know it sounds far fetched but if you hear me out” Werner told Lara, his voice filled with desperation. Lara paused thinking about the choice. Then I noticed something...I saw a knife near Lara’s hand she was playing with the rose etched into the hilt, I didn’t say anything or do anything I just pretended that I didn’t see it.

“Go on.” Lara insisted.

“A few weeks ago, a client came to me and asked if I could track down five paintings, I didn’t think they were worth anything until I did some research. I found out they were some sort of key, I took the job but I am finding it difficult finding the fifth painting.” Werner had added. “Why should I care? He is your client, not mine!” Croft asked. Werner began to panic. “I’m being stalked…people are dying out there” I scanned his face, he wanted to tell Lara more, but she stood up and told him to handle it himself. Von Croy ran over to the window, as he did so I duck in my chair to make sure he didn’t see me. He picked up a card and forced it into Lara’s hand pleading that she should go and talk to a woman in Paris.

Lara seemed to become enraged, I wanted to call the police but I knew they would get there too late. Remembering that knife near Lara made me remain silent and still, terrified with fear. She pushed the eighty six-year old man back into his chair and yelled at him “Egypt Werner. You walked away and left me!”

Von Croy pushed Lara away and withdrew a gun from a cupboard by the door. Lara backed away. I began to feel dizzy; the room started to spin like water going down a plughole, closing my eyes I tried to regain control. Suddenly I heard three gunshots which forced my eyes to open. Werner lay lifeless on the floor by the window. On the wall were ancient writing written in blood. Lara walked up to him, holding something in her hand, she bent down next to her mentor. I couldn’t help it, and I tried not to so desperately, but I screamed, Lara looked at me and darted out of the door. My mind was racing then, I didn’t know what to do, if I stayed I would be found and killed, but if I ran I wouldn’t have anywhere to go. I knew I didn’t have a choice as I began to run across the room. I threw open the door, the rain was heavy, it tried to pin me down to the floor. Opening up my umbrella I ran down the rusting metal steps in my high heels almost slipping twice. The stairs led me into the road. Closing my eyes trying to I tried to order my ideas and objectives. I opened my eyes moments later and I looked around, making sure she wasn’t nearby...but she was. She raced around the corner and sprinted towards me. I was meters away from my car; I withdrew a set of car keys from my coat pocket and opened the door to the vehicle. She was getting closer now. The door opened and I slid into the car. I slammed the doors shut and shoved the key into the ignition and turned it. This had to be a nightmare; no other word describes the series to bad luck. The car clicked but made no more effort to work. I looked out of the left side window and gasped, she was just a meter or two away. I turned the key again, suddenly it roared into life. Quickly I put into gear and removed the hand brake. I drove away, through the streets of Paris searching for a hotel, far enough away from the flat I previously owned. I picked up my phone and began to dial the police.

“There has been a murder. The man killed was Werner Von Croy, he lives in the old hotel on Merlin way. He was killed by a women, Caucasian, brunette and wearing a ponytail.”

I didn’t see Lara ever again, but I collected newspaper articles which featured the killing of Professor Werner Von Croy, she wasn’t caught and soon the story died away like my friend…


NOTICE: This story is a work of fiction. Lara Croft, her likeness, and the Tomb Raider games are all copyright of EIDOS Interactive. There is no challenge to these copyrights intended by this story, as it is a non-sanctioned, unofficial work of the author's own.